What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a fatal respiratory illness in birds and mammals but it has recently been reported spreading in humans when health officials of China spoke to the world about an unknown virus attack taking over the people of Wuhan, China.Coronavirus has long been a known illness in animals but since the beginning of December 2019, coronavirus outbreaks into humans.WHO has given a name to this virus as COVID-10, where CO stands for corona, VI stands for Virus and D stands for Disease and 19 signifies the year of an emerging disease.World health organization (WHO) has come into effect to fight this novel genre of contagious disease in human but unfortunately, there has not been any significant treatment being found to curb its continuous growth in humans.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

It is like a mystery, nothing is clear so far. Researchers and medical experts are still investigating the real symptoms of coronavirus. According to diagnoses of people recently found infected from this virus has been reported having mild to severe cold and struggle in respiration.Coronavirus growth ratio is increasing day by day. There has not been a categorical announcement reported about how rapidly it is growing or spreading. People are still being infected person to person. What precautionary measure to follow to avoid getting infected, is the question that is in the mind of every human being now a days. Again, there is no straight away answer to this question too! But doctors recommend following some very basic hygienic practices such to keep clean, wear air filtration masks or disposable masks for the maximum time you can. Avoid flying to Wuhan city of China, however, there is no restriction in visiting the country or to halt international trading from China.

How dreadful is coronavirus for humans?

In short, there is no clear answer to this question. To answer how dangerous could it become requires a better understanding of the virus which is, unfortunately, haven’t been achieved so far. In simple words, if you do not know your enemy, you do not know how dangerous it could be.The number of infected people has reached thousands. It has been seen that the illness that this virus cause is not severe but it is highly contagious. Even if the fatality ratio remains the same but the more people get infected the more are the chances of fatality.

How Science and Scientists are trying to find a cure?

Scientists and researchers have been trying to figure out how it developed and what caused its evolution. There are some speculations that says it all started from the seafood market of Wuhan but according to the medical investigation, the first patient infected at the very beginning of this viral spread had no connection with this seafood market. Medical scientist is still striving to identify the cause, effects and probable treatments to rectify its deadly consequences to humanity. The process is still under the observatory state and nothing yet being claimed with certainty.Some researchers have claimed that the coronavirus that is diagnosed in human is coming from the bats, some gave their scholarly finding that virus is more than 90 genetically similar to what is found in bats. No one is 100% certain about the real cause and the ways it is spreading.

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