What is fashion?

Fashion could be understood as a current trend that people are opting to choose. The fashion can be related to clothes, footwear, technology etc. Therefore, fashion can only be explained by the current trends in the market, that people like to buy and to show others that they are also opting to current fashion trends. People care about their looks because other people have to give them an opinion, if they are not wearing correct clothes, that means they are not fashioned savvy. There are some people who do not abide by the fashion and they always wear what they want, these people do not care about the opinion of other people.

Fashion in United Kingdom and what it means to people in UK!

Fashion is all about to take care of yourself and to upgrade yourself with the surroundings. Nowadays fashion is necessary for women and men. Your body is the gift of god so you should take care. Fashion is not about wearing branded clothes but you should take care of your skin and body physically. Use healthy skincare products that give you the glow and light up your face, eat healthy food to balance your health. After all, that fashion is the next step to look gorgeous. In London, you have a great multiplicity of British fashion designers. Alexander McQueen is on the top and the second top fashion brand in the UK is Burberry where you find the trench coat, accessories, ready-to-wear, fragrances cosmetics. When it comes to women fashion makeup is the first step towards fashion. The top cosmetics brands in the UK are Rimmel London, L’Oreal Paris, The Body Shop and Maybelline. If you are searching for the best eyeshade palette we are suggesting you Huda beauty’s Nude obsession eyeshade for neutral colours and If you are getting bored with the neutral colours use Morphe Unleash Your Inner Artist Palette you can create an endless look with this colourful palette. Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Long-wear Foundation is the best foundation celebrities cannot live without using this foundation. Total Cover Cream Foundation is also in the list of most used foundation.

Best fashion brands and what you should wear!

ASOS is the most trending online brand in UK with menswear and womenswear. boohoo is another to the trending brand where you find everyday clothes. Fashion is not only about makeup and clothes it is incomplete without footwear and accessories. Crown Northampton Shoes and Joseph azagury are the top leading brands of women’s footwear. Nowadays Emporio Armani Women’s fashion week is trending. In summer use light colours such as yellow, baby pink and orange And In cold weather use dark colours like black and navy blue, red matching with your skin tone. You should understand that the weather impact fashion as the weather changes the fashion industry making revolution and growing so fast. A variety of new fabric is introduced. Fashion is no longer with you when you do not recognizes it by your own self.it is important to choose what looks good on you. Choice the variety of cloths that suits you without thinking whether people like it or not just be confident in yourself.

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