Natural resource depletion takes place when resources are consumed faster than the rate of its production. The resources that do not require human labour to produce them are the natural resources and they are either reusable or non-reusable. All of us has learnt in school about the natural resources, these include;  water, fossil fuel, mining, fishing, aquifers are all in the category of natural resources. Consequences will be felt by human beings because we are depleting the resources that are allocated for our future generations. The earth’s population is expected to increase to about 11 billion by 2050, and the current population is about 7.8 billion, because of the population increase the consumption is also increasing day by day. We are not looking forward to consuming what we have, but we are consuming more than what has been allocated for us. Overpopulation is also the main reason for the depletion of natural resources. 

Reasons for Natural resources depletion

There are also various reasons for this particular global problem, that include poor practices of farming adopted by the farmers, humans are using and cutting forests for making houses buildings and furniture. Natural resources have been consumed by businesses at a faster pace, our activities that are polluting the environment are also causing the climate change, industrial and technological development is also happening and creating a wide variety of problems. The forest cover of about 18nmillion has been lost by the annual numbers and this aspect also contributes to decrease in bio-diversity. Flooding has also been increased, soils have gone through a state of erosion, and an increase in the amount of the greenhouse gases has been accounted. Not only these various harmful gases have been released in the air that increases the threat of global warming and every year 1.5-degree centigrade is increased as far as the temperature is concerned. 

Types of Resources depleting at a faster rate

Different kinds and types of gases are polluting the environment and industries don’t care about that, they have to conduct their normal business. Minerals have also been decreasing, and it has been noted that in the next 100 years, the earth would not be able to grow plants any longer because of the depletion of the natural resources. Groundwater has also been extracted by humans, and that is the reason why the aquifer is also depleting since they are one of the most significant natural resources. For drinking purposes, groundwater holds prominent importance, and sadly that resource has also been likely to deplete in future. The process of cutting trees in order to utilise the field have also been damaging the forest cover and it supports the idea of the development of urban spaces. Many species have also been endangered, wildlife also provides a balance to the world and it controls nature also. 

Why we have to act today more than ever

Humans have to look into this matter and have to find out solutions in order to conserve their resources rather than spending them at a faster rate. Oil and mineral use should be decreased, wetland and coastal ecosystems should also be protected. More than everything, people should be educated that how they can protect the lands, and how they can preserve and restore the nature. Therefore, humans should be aware of the aspect that they should not be using resources unless they are in dire need of them. Water pollution is another domain, where contaminated material has been added to water, the drinking water is decreasing this means that we will have less amount of drinking water in future.


As far as the oil resource is concerned, then it could be noted that the amount of oil remaining, is only for about 25 years. 1000 barrels of oil have already been consumed, that was already allocated for the future generations. The global population is increasing, therefore we have to focus on a lot of things today in order to keep our resources intact. There is a need to balance the natural resources and we have to take care of our environment side by side. Our planet can only be saved by us, otherwise, it would be too late for us to survive here on mother earth. 

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