Overpopulation is the result of a rapid increase people on earth, every second a newborn takes his/her first breath on earth. Earth’s resources are scarce, therefore it can only avail a limited quantity of human beings around the world. Overpopulation also increases the impact on the environment, since the more the people, the more will be the waste production. The United Nations have estimated that the world population had reached 7.8 billion that need seven times of earth’s resources and we are going towards the great downfall as the resources of the earth decreases daily and the world population has experienced continuous growth and in future maybe it reaches about ten to eleven billion. United Nations estimated that eighty-three million people are added to the world’s population each year. Causes of overpopulation include another reason, that people are living longer lives. The overall birth rate of children born each year is not equal to the number of adults that die, their birth rate is higher than the death rate. 

Why education is an important factor in this case

Better medical facilities decrease the rate of death and it permanently disturbed the balance of population, lack of family planning because most nations have a large number of people who are illiterate, mostly live in poverty and have no knowledge about family planning. Effects of overpopulation include climate change that becomes the reason for the consumption of natural resources, degradation of the environment, conflicts, and wars. Conflicts over water are becoming the main topic between countries which would result in wars. As the population increases the depletion of natural resources decreases because the earth can produce a limited amount of water, crops. Humans are involved in deforestation, hunting wildlife that causes zoonosis viruses. 

Bill gates work in Africa

Bill gates warn the world about population growth to overcome this problem we should concentrate on better education because it reduces the poverty and governments of the country should make the policies of birth control in which they educated people and making people aware of family planning and letting them about the serious after-effects of population growth and having one and two children at most.even as birth rate decline overpopulation remains a global challenge that shows we should find the solutions to stop the overpopulation it would strain the planet’s natural resources it also affects the other concerns range from food and the social implication of rising unemployment to the speeding up of climate change. 

Bill gates conclusion about the Overpopulation and how to overcome it

According to a research report by the Bill Gates foundation, rapid population growth in Africa’s poorest countries could not overcome the progress towards reducing global poverty and health. “Population growth in Africa is a challenge,” Bill Gates stated. Africa has the fastest-growing population in the world.its population is projected to double in the future. It has also been indicated by Boll gates in order to overcome the population growth that humans should be investing in the health and education of young people. Women and girls should be educated and they should opt for higher studies, because when they have children, it gives them ample opportunity to earn a hefty amount of money without problems and that they don’t have to do any odd jobs.  Hence, in this way, they can be leading a healthier and more productive life with their children. Overall this means investing in young people will stop the growth in population and this should be the way forward. 

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