Essay on Overpopulation

Introduction Overpopulation is the result of a rapid increase people on earth, every second a newborn takes his/her first breath on earth. Earth’s resources are scarce, therefore it can only avail a limited quantity of human beings around the world. Overpopulation also increases the impact on the environment, since the more the people, the more …

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Essay on Fashion

What is fashion? Fashion could be understood as a current trend that people are opting to choose. The fashion can be related to clothes, footwear, technology etc. Therefore, fashion can only be explained by the current trends in the market, that people like to buy and to show others that they are also opting to …

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Essay On Coronavirus

What is coronavirus? Coronavirus is a fatal respiratory illness in birds and mammals but it has recently been reported spreading in humans when health officials of China spoke to the world about an unknown virus attack taking over the people of Wuhan, China.Coronavirus has long been a known illness in animals but since the beginning …

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