Suits are like a cheat code for men when they have to look exceptional. Every man knows deep down that a good choice of the suit can outclass other men in the room. Similarly, we have seen in movies and TV-series that some characters build their persona just by wearing suits. James bond attends a spectre meeting while wearing a tuxedo, he kills men while Don draper was another character who used to wear suits, in the series Madmen. Who used to have an elegant persona since he was working in an advertising firm. Additionally, dialogues spoken by men while wearing a suit has another class to it, and people want to listen to them. Similarly, Tommy Shelby in the series called peaky blinders wears exceptional suits. Their whole gang wears the suits, that attracts the audiences.

 Wear a suit that defines your persona

Men too often wear suits that do not suit their personality. Darker tone guys wearing lighter tone suits and lighter tone guys wearing darker suits are the main problem. Although darker suits can work on lighter tone guys the lighter tone suits cannot work on darker men. Similarly, when Obama wore a lighter tone suit, the news was all around the United States. Because, it was chosen out of his persona, meaning the suit did not define him. Some tall men and they wore suits that are short on the sleeves or shorter in length. That is another problem when you are tall and you are wearing shorter suits.

  1. Do not neglect the shoes 

Shoes come hand in hand with the suit, if the choice of your shoes is not right. This means that all of your effort on your suit is wasted. Same goes to the tie, if you are wearing a pink tie on the grey suit, then its completely out of the proportion. Choice of pink colour can never go right on the suits. Even the red colour is too much on men, what is simple is good. Therefore, the shoe colour should be black or either brown. These two colours can never go wrong on most of the suits. Although, you have to choose if you should wear camel brown or dark brown. This is one another choice that you have to make. But mostly, brown elevates the suit, and black can be worn at any day with any suit. Not only this, but the colour of your socks should also be up to the point.

  1. Respect the accessories (Tie, lapel pins, clips, cufflinks)

Try to elevate the style of your suit, wear the accessories like a watch on the left hand and a bracelet on the right. Clip your tie to make it more professional. Not only this Cufflinks should be up to the mark. They should not be of red or pink colour, but brown, silver and black might work. Lapel pins also give an extra suave to your suit’s look. James bond market a brand of omega, that is his signature. That shows that watch is a must whenever you are wearing a suit. You have a choice between wearing a smart or a normal watch. But it is recommended that you wear an old school watch since it is the best. The colour of your ties does not have to be bright, that it lowers the impression of your whole suit. But a tie is worn for a reason, that is to complement the suit. The tie is also used to elevate a man’s handsome look. Don’t forget the belt, it is one another important accessory that you have to choose with a suit. Since, it goes on the waistline and can be seen by everyone, while you are wearing the suit. Brown and black belts go handy with all kinds of suits. Suspenders is a tough choice but still because there are different kinds of suspenders to choose from.


Suits are the only option for men when it comes to selecting from the extensive wardrobe. It provides men with elegance, an extra suave and makes them more confident in front of others.

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