A man’s dream is to look perfect around colleagues, friends and family. The Dress shirt is the perfect answer in this case. But every men’s horrible dream is when they mistakenly choose the wrong dress shirt. A dress shirt can be a centrepiece even if you are wearing suits, jackets or blazers. Its main objectives are to add an elevated touch to the whole outfit.

  1. Dress shirts mean perfect fit, comfortable motion and relaxing experience 

A good dress shirt will always fit the body, the fabric will also provide a comfortable feel to the body. Not only this, but the dress shirts also encourage maturity and simplicity, yet elegance. The dress shirts have to be comfortable at all times, if a person is overweight then dress shirts will look bad on the body. Our body demands accuracy, especially for the clothes that we wear. Similarly, the choice of a dress shirt is very important. The colours with the skin tone should also be accurate.

  • More will be the accuracy, the more you will look dapper in your dress shirt 

The armpit of the shirt should be having enough space to allow you flexible motions. At least two fingers can be slid under the collar, this means that your neck is relaxed. And that the dress shirt is not wrapped around your neck. The length of the sleeves should also be accurate not short, not small but accurate. Tight sleeves also mean that the wrist is stuck in the shirt. Therefore, natural movement from the wrists has to be guaranteed. The shoulders of the dress shirt should be fitting on the body else, it seems that you are wearing the wrong size. # to 4 inches of fabric is needed under the torso, more than that could upset the length of the dress shirt.  

  •  Wear the correct size of the dress shirt

Three one of the most common sizes of the dress shirt should be chosen from. This includes’ slim fit, normal fit and loose fit. Slim fit is the correct size for the men, who have a fit body and no excess body fat. Otherwise, if an overweight person chose to wear the same size, then it might look horrible on them. Normal fit, on the other hand, provides an extra room and an extra relaxing experience. And the loose fit is also designed for a bodybuilder, who want to wear extra-large dress shirts because their body is very muscular. Bodybuilders also tend to wear XXL or XXXL size, this also depends on their body and what size could accurately fit their body.

  • Patterns on your Dress shirt defines your sophistication 

Three notable patterns could be a signature of every men’s wardrobe. A solid pattern, stripe pattern or check pattern dress shirt. The solid pattern is a display of simplicity and sophistication. The true nature of the solid pattern can only be seen up close. Therefore, always remember, try to give a closer look while choosing your patterns. Different fabrics might have a different solid pattern. Like cotton and poplin, both have a different solid feel to them. On the other hand, the stripe is a classic pattern. Straight from the ’80s were men, use to dress in a stripe dress shirt. On T.V it was a normal pattern, but nowadays it gained attention again. Solid colour suit with a stripe pattern can dig the colours very good. Check dress shirts pattern are a signature move by men to intimidate people around them. The check dress shirt does not need a darker colour but a lighter colour will display a brighter check shirt. Therefore, the stipes dress shirt pattern will give a polished look to the whole wardrobe.

  • A cultured collar is always advantageous 

The main purpose of wearing the dress shirt is to make men look commendable. Therefore collars should have enough space for a tie. Collars should also provide a comfortable feel to the neck.


Although, there are different dress shirts that men could wear. But normally, it is a button-up shirt with the collar. The dress shirts without the collar can be worn for any casual outing.

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