A polo shirt is the most common type of men’s clothing. It is found almost in every guy’s wardrobe. It is a cotton half sleeved shirt. The difference between a polo shirt and a normal tee shirt is that it has a collar with it. The polo shirts are usually a part of casual dressing. It is still in trend, and people like wearing it.

  1. Loosening the buttons of Polo shirt 

There are a lot of ways to wear and make a contrast with polo shirts. It looks stylish in any way. As the polo shirts have collars and some buttons with it. Those buttons should be loosened up. This is to give the shirt the look of open-collared. Which looks fantastic and emits some party vibes. If this polo shirt is worn with a pair of chinos and loafers, it would be the best combination. And an individual would look sloppy and sharp while wearing this.

  • Make a contrast and look hi-end classy

Polo shirts come in a huge range of different basic or solid colours. Polo shirts are also available in stripes or graphic pattern. A polo shirt can also be worn with a suit or some sort of jacket. A guy can wear a polo shirt instead of a formal shirt and a tie. An individual can contrast with a black blazer or suit. For instance, the contrast of cream trousers, dark-coloured blazer, and a khaki-coloured polo tee. This pairing would give an individual a stylish and smart look.

  • A Polo shirt ensembles the whole body 

A way too baggy and loose polo shirt would never look good or comfortable. Another thing is that an individual should never wear a polo shirt without ironing it. The length of the polo shirt’s sleeves should never be down the elbows. And also, not a way up from the biceps. In short, the shirt should always be close to the body. It should be in a fitting but not skin tight.  

  • Polo shirt with beach shorts or chino pants

The fashion sense is evolving, people want to look dapper while wearing shorts. Businessmen can attend a trip on an island while wearing a polo shirt with chino pants. While wearing the polo shirt with the chino pants, the body feels contented. The summer breeze and fresh sea waves will also complement your style. 

  • Playing golf with friends, then polo shirt is your first choice 

Polo shirt should be your first choice when you are going to the golf field. Ever seen tiger woods wearing a T-shirt in the golf course. No, you cannot see any professional gold player wearing a T-shirt on the gold course. Because in order to respect the game, you have to wear a polo-shirt. This shows the elegance and the respect of the polo shirt, that it has provided to the game of polo. 

  • Polo shirt is all about sophistication not for just the old but also for the young 

You can wear the polo t-shirt in a formal meeting and no one will raise any eyebrows towards you. Because the Polo-shirt signifies the name of sophistication. Back in the days, it was used to be marketed to old and mature people. But now younger men want to use polo shirts to look more cultured. 

  • Tucked or untucked, Polo shirt is the name of the formal wear

You don’t have to worry, about tucking or not tucking the Polo shirt. Wearing the polo shirt only will make your look formal. The ethnic feel of polo shirts mainly signifies that you wear a tucked polo shirt. But for a casual meeting, the polo shirt could be untucked without any hesitation.


Polo shirts are made for men to look safe and reliable. A polo shirt demonstrates a serious attitude and cultured look. It demands attention for elegance and provides an opportunity for men to look more demanding as compared to the others. Whether it is a chino pant, shorts or a dress pants, a polo shirt would work either way. Casual or no casual, men can never hesitate to wear a polo shirt.  

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