Divi Machine is a plugin that is used to customise various field on the websites. For instance, you are going to write a blog in which different cars are being compared based on their prices. And your website does not offer the customised options to view the price of the car, neither any options where you can display the features of the car. In this case the, Divi Machine will help you customise your webpage accordingly. The options that you want to use from the Divi Machine plugin can be searched easily and then you can choose to do customisation on your webpage. This WordPress plugin also helps to develop custom blog posts, in the older days the programmer have to intervene to change the coding of the website. But, you can use Divi Machine to do the customisation yourself and there is no need to learn the coding for this customisation. The settings menu can be used to change and specify, how you want to customise your content.

  1. The Creation of flexible content fields are more than easier now 

The ACF plugin can be used in combination with the Divi Machine plugin. The flexible content fields allow you to edit the blank campus according to your website’s theme. Most of the content managers have problems creating their customised posts. Most of the entrepreneurs have to hire a programmer and a writer. But with the utilisation of ACF plugin along with the Divi Machine, it is possible to create customised webpages. Galleries in the webpages can be customised with the help of the ACF plugin. Numerous things add a vibrant look to a webpage. This includes posters, search forms, filters, social media buttons etc. All of these things have to be customised so that a webpage does not look messy. Therefore, dynamic content creation is getting easier with the help of the Divi Machine. If you are a content manager or a programmer, then you might know the importance of the Ajax filters. Ajax filters help you a lot to customise the items on your webpage. Not only this but if you want custom loop layouts, then this is also possible with Divi Machine plugin.

  • Visual builders and Custom ACF modules

The creation of the custom ACF modules allows the users to easily interact with the content. It is not always the job of the programmer to change the coding so that a writer can do his part. But with the help of Divi Machine, the visual builders can be used. This will help a writer to shape the outlook of his content in WordPress accordingly. The customised visual changes mean that the content. All of the responsive sites have different pages; starting from home page to the contact us page. A lot of customisation is required, on the home page, all of the details relating to the product or business is provided. On the about us page, all of the details regarding the employees of the business are presented. Therefore, this customisation can be done through Divi Machine, where pictures along with the details or responsibilities of a certain individual can be displayed.

  • Creation of Customised search filters without changing any code of Website 

If a user wants to create a customised form, including prices, pictures of the product, its size or model, date of manufacturing. This requires a lot of programming, but if you have Divi Machine available as a plugin. Then there is no need to use any programming a drop-down menu can change the colour of the font. Similarly, through the drop-down menu, a user can select and customise the order form or the appearance of the cart. For instance, you have designed an old car selling website, then all of the specification related the cars along with their price should be displayed. All of this is easy and possible through the drop-down menu provided by the Divi Machine plugin. Whether you are trying to build a website for selling older cars, real state or any other website that is selling any product. Not only this, but you can also create sites that post jobs for individuals online. The customisation of Divi Machine provides you with endless options, as you can also create documentation, portfolios, advanced posts.

  • The time for custom coding is over, just hire a content writer, only one person to manage the whole website 

This multitasking opportunity gives a lot of flexibility to entrepreneurs. Since, now they don’t have to hire a programmer, who has to custom code their website. And even when your website is completed, then you need to make a few changes now and then. Therefore, you have to hire a programmer side by side with the content writer. But with the introduction of Divi Machine, there is never a requirement for any custom coding. Hence, you can rely on only one person to do the job for you. For an Entrepreneur, time is the most important thing, and if you are hiring a guy who is doing both customisations on the website and writing the content also. And, even if you are doing it, then you are not investing time on two people but only one. Possibilities of errors are also higher when two people who are from different domains are unable to understand each other. For instance, the content writer wants a custom menu for a car listing site, so that the exact mileage of the car can be displayed. But the programmer is unable to understand the content writer, hence he does not provide the filtering options for the mileage of the car. In this case, the content writer will be wasting more time to make him understand, what he is looking for. But if the same person is doing both of the things, then in this kind of situation there will be no complexity.

  • Search filters with rich options 

Four kinds of search filters could be used while using the Divi Machine.

  1. Ajax filters
  2. Ajax sorting
  3. Ajax load more
  4. Search forms

Ajax filters 

Ajax filters allow the user to completely customise the content and its overall appearance. The appearance of the webpage impacts a lot on the user. Therefore, a user can decide that what kind of content has to be filtered, like posts for users, banners etc. if this filter is not used then the webpage is loaded again and again when a user changes the filter. But while using the ajax filter, if a user is using any filters then the webpage will not load again. Hence, the search results will be displayed without reloading the same page. Users don’t have to wait long, and the webpage does not use additional data to reload the page. Most of the webpages are not responsive or their response time is very low. But when it comes to the Ajax Plugin then the load time is very fast, and in no time the user can see the results of their changes.

Ajax sorting 

Divi Machine provides another feature that is very flexible for the users. With the help of the use of Divi builder, it is also possible to do the customisation for the viewers in the posts. There are various options like; showing the prices in ascending or descending manner. Showing the prices in lowest to highest manner. For instance, a user is looking for a hotel, in a price range of 50 dollars per nights to hundred dollars. Hence, you can create custom options for the user to filter and to select the desired option.

Ajax Load more plugin

Most of the content creations know the importance of the load more option. If all of the content is displayed on the page, then it affects the visibility of the page badly. Not only this the SEO of the page is also being influenced. Therefore, the load more option is used to limit the content with three to four lines. Hence, if the user has to read the whole post, then they can click the load more option and see the whole post. The load more option also allows loading a few posts, when the page is initially opened by the user. Additionally, a user does not have to reload the whole web page, when they try to click load more of any particular post.

Search forms flexibility 

Users mostly want to visit the same page or product that they are looking for. For instance, a user wants to search for the car Honda Civic 2020, then he will look for a search bar. The search forms availability in Divi Machine helps the user to add the customised search forms so that the user can make any specific search on their webpage. Additionally, various filters can also be provided in this case for the users to specify 

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