Divi BodyCommerce is a cutting edge invention for e-commerce users. The world is steering towards online shopping, therefore there is a requirement of constant innovation of e-commerce solution. Divi BodyCommerce delivers a wide range of choices for the customisation of an online store. An online shop can be created and customised, which offers solutions of the custom basket, cart page builder, mini cart, custom cart icon and so much more. The plugin of Divi BodyCommerce is yet another flexible solution for e-commerce entrepreneurs who can create a great online shopping experience for their customers. Easy checkout options and customer-centric approach are also one of the main things that help the e-commerce customer to effectively utilise Divi BodyCommerce plugin. 

If you are using Divi BodyCommerce, then you can create an e-basket with customised options for best user experience 

For most of the online consumers, the last and the most vital step is to checkout and for that, they add the items on the basket. Some of the solution provided on the internet is not customizable, hence they do not provide the flexibility to create a good user experience. Some of the times the checkout process is very complex and length for the users, that they leave the website because of their bad experience. Therefore, the creation of a good e-basket is very vital for all the e-commerce website owners. Divi BodyCommerce offers; custom cart page builder, mini cart, custom cart icon, and most importantly the Ajax add to cart. 

  1. Cart page builder 

Cart page builder allows the website owners to give a smooth user experience on their websites and online stores. The basket created with Divi BodyCommerce can never be abandoned because this is the issue with most of the online stores. When a user tries to check out, then most of the times the cart is being abandoned. Various features use the funnel approach while purchasing, hence the user can never experience an error while checking out. 

  • Mini Cart 

Mini cart option is also another ease for the user because by clicking this mini cart, a drop-down menu appears. This is done to let the customer see the items in their basket. Hence, they don’t have to move to another page to check the items in their cart. Customers always want a good shopping experience, and they don’t want any errors that can break their continuity while doing shopping. As an e-commerce seller, everyone wants to convert a potential visitor in a potential customer. Therefore, the user experience is the main key in this aspect, good user experience and flexible options leads to good conversions. Otherwise, a user who is encountering problems while selecting the items, or while seeing the contents of their cart. Then the visitor on the site can never become a potential customer. if the WooCommerce solution is used on the site along with the Divi, even then it is not a possibility to have a mini cart. Also, the appearance of the mini cart can be customised according to the colour theme of the website. 

  • Custom cart icon

Customisation is the main selling point of Divi BodyCommerce. Therefore, custom cart icons are provided, so that a user can adjust the icons according to the theme of their online shopping store. Additionally, all of the icons will resemble with each other and this would give a good feel and appearance to the online store. Colour palette is also provided to the user to change the colours, and set of SVG”s are also provided to choose the icon. Hence, custom-tuned cart icons can be created without any hassle. 

  • Ajax add to cart 

Users are annoyed if they click the basket and they are redirected to another page, they don’t want to visit another page. This can break the momentum of their shopping, users like to see the contents of their cart on the same page. Hence, with the use of Divi BodyCommerce, there is no need to refresh the page while viewing the contents of the cart. Securing a conversion of a visitor to customer is a potential aspect, this also means the conversion of a lead in marketing. Therefore, users an instant refresh of the page does not bother the users, because whatever they have added into their cart is now on display. Retention is another aspect, that means a lot of important for an e-commerce store. Therefore, when a customer starts shopping and does not encounter any problems until the checkout. This means that the customer can become a regular consumer of the product and therefore would be willing to do shopping from the e-store again. 

Divi BodyCommerce allows the customers with the smooth checkout and happy shopping experience 

A users experience can be judged by a seamless checkout if the checkout was process was slow. Then customers feel the service was bad and their experience was not good. Hence, they tend to move on towards some other quality websites that provide a better user experience. But with the Divi BodyCommerce plugin, the user’s experience is always good. Because the checkout page can be customised with all the options that make the user’s experience better and better. These flexible options include; checkout funnel, custom checkout, and custom checkout fields. 

Divi BodyCommerce is designed for the customer-centric approach 

Any plugin or technology that is designed based on better customer experience indicates that the output will always be good. In the case of Divi BodyCommerce, the plugin is designed for seamless user experience, customised checkout options to boost the value of the website. Starting from the pages of the product, to the checkout option, Divi BodyCommerce is a full-fledged plugin design to allow the users to interact with the web effectively. E-commerce online store creators can experiment with a lot of custom options. To maximise the user’s experience, Divi layouts have also been provided. Different modules provide various choices to the users for customizing their online store. 

  1. Free layout packs 

These packs are available for the store owners to utilise with the plugin, there is also a premium pack in which various files can be imported and Divi BodyCommerce settings can be customised. For instance; Tech layout pack, Restaurant layout pack etc. 

  • Gallery of customised sliders

There are various slides to choose from the Divi BodyCommerce. Different galleries have also been provided for the same reason. Some users have various images that they need to fit on a webpage, but some have pixel problems, therefore the image’s resolution does not look accurate. That is the reason why custom options to correct the pixel and resolution of the image have also been provided with the plugin. Not only this but Divi BodyCommerce also allows you to use a lightbox which can customise the images used for banners. Colourful sliders can be displayed on the website in no time. Improvements in both UX and sales can be made by doing this customisation. 

  • Form field customisation 

There are always some fields on the form, that is used to place the order. The product size, the product name, delivery time, delivery address etc. Therefore, these form fields can be customised easily with the help of the Divi BodyCommerce. Various input fields can be selected and customised accordingly. Various options are available to change the borders, to change the colour and also the appearance of the form in Divi BodyCommerce plugin. 

  • Social media share icons 

Want to add social media sharing icons to your website, then use the customised icons that are available on the Divi BodyCommerce. DB pro sharing can be used to change the icons. The share icon is used to share the content on any social media platform like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

  • Category page builder 

This option allows the user to control the shape of the layout, hence the design of the categories can be changed without any hassle. A different appearance can be given to any category. All custom fields can be used to build a customised webpage, with the Divi BodyCommerce. 

  • Login page 

One of the most Important page, created to collect the personal information of the user. This is done to build a good and long term relationship with the user. Hence, custom layout options in Divi BodyCommerce can be used to create a login page. 

  • Account section customisation 

For the good experience of users, a customised account page for the users can be created. Where their entered information is on display, and they can also change any details, if they want to. 

  • Custom badges design

Different kinds of custom badges are provided to provide an original feel to the websites. For instance security sign, social media sign, checkout cart sign, payment sign etc. SVG badges are provided for the users to do customisation without any problems. Sale badges include discount options and a variety of other badges also include in this particular section. This is all done to enhance the user’s experience 

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