Endometriosis is a particular condition when a womb grows inside the uterus of a woman. It can grow on the ovaries and the tissue lining of the pelvis. It is not a normal scenario when an endometrial tissue starts to stretch over the uterus. This kind of process when it grows over the uterus is called the endometrial implant. In turn, the menstrual cycle also influences the endometrial tissue that is being displaced. Because the body is also going through hormonal changes. Hence, the area becomes swollen and the person agonizes with pain. The tissue which is trapped in the pelvis also causes several other problems. The tissue can cause the formation of scars, frustration, pain during periods, and problems of fertility. Endometriosis is often called as a complicated gynaecological condition. This condition can affect almost 10 per cent of women.

Causes of Endometriosis

Although the main cause of the Endometriosis is not known. But mostly under the menstrual cycles, the women’s body discards the lining of the uterus. Additionally, with the small opening of the cervix, the menstrual blood flows from uterus to vagina. This starts creating problems for the body. Additionally, the main cause of the Endometriosis is still not scientifically proven. Therefore, different theories have been provided in this case.

One of the most common theories indicates that retrograde menstruation is the cause of Endometriosis. This is a process which indicates the blood flowing in a reverse direction from fallopian tubes to the pelvic cavity. This blood should have come out of the vagina but instead, it flowed in a reverse direction from fallopian tubes to the pelvic cavity. Another theory indicates the formation of the endometrial cells. 

These cells are formed outside of the uterus and are transformed by the hormones.

Also, these cells are similar to those that are present inside of the uterus. Not only this there is another theory that is believed to be the cause of the Endometriosis. This theory indicates that the abdomen tissues can be converted into Endometrial tissue. Because the abdomen cells grow from the embryonic cells, hence their shapes can be changed and they can start behaving as the Endometrial cells. Additionally, this is also not known why this process would occur.

The displaced cells can be present on the pelvic or the pelvic organ area. These cells can also be present on rectum, ovaries or bladder. These cells can grow thick, and they might also tend to bleed while menstrual cycles are happening. Additionally in some of the occasions, the menstrual blood might also leak because of the surgical scar. Thus the blood will enter the pelvic cavity.

Another assumption indicates that the lymphatic system is the cause of the transfer of the Endometrial cells outside of the uterus. And this can be the cause of the defective immune system. It has also been noted by some of the researchers that when the women are following their puberty, the Endometriosis starts in the same period. The Mullerian theory is being designated with this particular assumption. Genetics and environmental influences could be one 0f the main causes of Endometriosis.

The symptoms of Endometriosis

The symptoms of Endometriosis change with time. Most of the women experience does not experience severe symptoms. But it can change from mild to severe symptoms. Additionally, the higher or lower levels of pain do not give any idea about the stage of the Endometriosis. Even with a small formation of Endometriosis, a person might be agonizing with pain. Also, it is possible that a person might have mild severe Endometriosis but feel a little pain in the body. The pain in pelvic is the main symptom of the Endometriosis. On the other hand, depending on the condition and the body, there can be varying symptoms. A person can feel painful period, while some feel pain in their lower abdomen.

On the other hand, some will feel pain in the lower abdomen only while the menstruation. Not only this but some of the people will also have cramps at the time of menstruation. Bleeding is also one of the main symptoms that will be caused by Endometriosis, specifically menstrual bleeding. Another symptom that also causes women to be mentally ill is infertility. The inability of making kids can also force women to be mentally depressed. Additionally, while having or after sexual intercourse, women might also feel pain. Some women also feel discomfort with bowel movements. Also, most of them while their menstrual cycles feel severe back pain.

Endometriosis treatment (what can we do to treat Endometriosis)

Endometriosis causes a lot of pain to the body of a woman, that is the reason why a human needs a quick relief from the pain. Also, while going through Endometriosis a person is not able to do anything. Since the pain levels are very damaging to the body. Hence, the extended movements of a person are restricted. Although, there is no permanent cure which is available. But still, the symptoms can be decreased through various treatments. Both medical and surgical recovery can help lessen the pain in the body. At first, the doctor will give direction to medicate the body then only some surgical operations can be performed. Also, if the conditions of a woman are improved through the medication then there is no need to have the surgery. Therefore, the relevant doctors can only advise a person about their treatment and cure from the Endometriosis. Although various options to treat the condition include; various medications, hormone therapies, Hormonal contraceptives. Hormonal therapy reduces hormonal changes in the body. Hence, it also stops the extensive growth of tissues. While the hormonal contraceptives decrease the development of the Endometrial tissue. Hence, it decreases the fertility rate of a woman. Also, in mild or severe Endometriosis. The birth control pills and patches would also reduce and abolish the pain in the body. There is various injection that also helps in an overall reduction of the pain in the individual’s body. 

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