It is said that life is lived with the hope that we will be alive tomorrow. If every human knows their fate then they will have no motivation to wake up tomorrow. Therefore, our fates are hidden from us and that’s what makes us live happy and without any worries. Motivation can be described as feeling or urge that helps us to move forward in life. Without motivation and or goals, we fall behind and can experience depression. A person who lacks motivation daily could be a man who is doing the same job for 32 years and sitting at the same desk for the 32 years without the promotion. The person does not do more than what’s required, just do enough to sit on that same desk. This means he secure his job, and work on day to day basis while having no goals or motivation for the future.

  1. Why motivation is necessary?

Without motivation you can feel helpless, even if you are starting your first job, opening your own business. If you are not motivated about it, it would fall through. Most of the people who are not motivated in life are monotonous, means they work in the same patters and do the same things over and over again. This is the same pattern for the machine, but humans are not designed as machines. We have brains of different kinds and hence we can do a lot of different things as compared to each other. Goal setting and motivation comes hand in hand, because when you set goals, then you want to achieve them. When you want to achieve them, it means that you are motivated. And most of the motivated people can easily achieve their goals because they even if they feel the pressure. Even then they work out of that pressure and achieve their own goals.

  • How can we motivate ourselves 

Arnold Schwarzenegger who came from Austria said he had an accent and it was impossible for him to be cast in Hollywood. He said when I worked hard and became Mr Olympia (the highest honour for a bodybuilder), somebody said you are very big for a hero. He then cut his weight and took classes in English to work on his accent. Although, that did not change a lot of his accent he got better in speaking English. He became a renowned actor in Hollywood, he also became the governor of California. His advice about motivation is; that even if you are trying to impress a girl then let it be. Let her become your motivation and work for your body every day. Therefore, we as humans have to find a reason to motivate ourselves. Whether it is a woman, money, a car, a house or anything else. We have to find ways that can entice us and motivate us to work harder than the last day. That’s what makes us different from machines because we can envision our goals and we can achieve these goals.

  • Why role models are important for motivation 

Dwayne Johnson, famously known as the rock, consistently says that he used to have 7 bucks in his pocket at a time. His production company is also named as 7 bucks production. He also told various stories, when he was jailed and one time when he thought he cannot be successful and NFL. But then he pursued his dreams at wrestling, and then he started working in Hollywood. This a person, who wakes up every day at to work out, he builds his gym around the world in a big tent. The equipment of the gym is taken everywhere around the world in his private jet. He says, Doesn’t cheat but work hard for your cheat meals. He has also collaborated with the under armour sportswear brand. He also has introduced his Tequila brand as, “Teremana”.

 A guy like rock, can sleep every day and can go to the gym only 2 days per week. But, no he follows a different lifestyle, he believes that everything that is being given to you has a cost. And you have to work hard to make it worth it. Therefore, role models like rock are a prime example for youngsters that we cannot leave a room to cheat. Even, if we have been awarded success. Role models are very necessary because they tell you with their own stories. The real stories of their lives when they had no money. But they were motivated enough to work hard for their selves and they understood that one day, they are going to make it.  

Several UFC fighters, like Gorge Masvidal, are also a good example. Most of the fighters work very hard for their fights. They are in camps for 6 months, they stay away from their family, they don’t drink, they don’t eat junk food to stay in shape. Gorge Masvidal in an interview said that he used to sleep in a car, that he bought from someone for about 500 to 600 dollars. But he also said that I knew that someday I will open my fridge and it used to be filled with food. He also said, that I used to envision all of this in my mind, that I will get myself out of this bad situation. This is called self-belief and motivation, that you can envision a good future. Because talented people know that they are going to take care of their self in future. Talent has to be motivated to work hard, and when you work hard for yourself. Then you can find ways to help yourself get out of bad situations.


Motivation is necessary for all walks of life, it makes you work harder for the future. You can watch videos, TED talks, you can listen to podcasts etc. Because role models help you a lot to understand that motivation is a key aspect of success in life.

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