1.     Introduction

Hackers have indifferent ways to hack websites. That is the reason why google adds those websites to the blacklist. Then, these websites will not show up in the search results. Hacked websites contain content, that can be used without the permission of the. This usually happens because of the lack of a website’s security. The website’s users should know the tools that are used for preventing websites from being hacked.  

  • When a website is considered as hacked

The hacked website would start showing different indications of being hacked. These indications could only be seen when a website is being used by some unauthorized person. The most common sign is that the google webpage would show a warning. This warning sign indicates that the user’s website is being hacked or contains malware. This shows up after the google safe browsing adds the website to the blacklist. Another sign is that Google would send an email to the user. In this email, google has written that the website is being hacked. The hosting company may take down the hacked website. This is done so that the virus could not spread on other websites. There is another common sign which indicates the same condition. It is that when the users get emails. They are sent to the spam folder. If the user of the hacked website deals with customers or with their credit cards. Then in that condition, he might start getting complaints from the customers. Those complaints are about the customer’s credit cards being hacked. The hacker can get access to the credit card numbers through the email of the website user. These conditions only take place when the website is not secured.

  • How to repair hacked websites
  1. Block access to the infected website

Blocking access to an infected website would lead to no more damage or unauthorized access to the website. The process of locking down a website depends on how the servers are being used by the user. Those servers are used to get access to the website. Blocking sites also depend on what sort of access, the user has for the servers. For this process, an individual should have information on how to access the folders of the websites. After that, the user has to get to the root folder of the website. Then the other step is to add a specific code in there. After doing that, no one else could get access to the infected website except the user.

  • Manage the maintenance page

The default maintenance page of a website is a bit complicated. Because of this, it may look like the user’s website is down. And the reason for that website being down could be an error on the maintenance page. The solution for this problem is to add a folder named as “maintenance”. This folder has to be in the root folder of the website. After creating this folder, the user needs to add two files for the maintenance page. After this, an individual has to create a code for a custom maintenance page.

  • Redirecting the traffic to the maintenance page

While the website is down or being fixed the redirecting tool is the most essential way during such a situation. The main redirecting tool in HTAccess. This is the most used tool for switching temporary pages for the infected or broken websites. There is a specific code sequence that is used to apply the HTAccess tool. The easiest way for the usage of this tool is to create that specific code sequence. After doing that, add it in the HTAccess file and upload a maintenance page. It is also not necessary to create the maintenance page via HTML.

  • Debugging the website

As now, the hacked website is being fixed and is now secured. The user has to get rid of the hack. There are a lot of tools that are used for identifying and alerting the user to find the alerted source code. These tools scan the sites for malware and other viruses. The first step for debugging is to compare between the new code and the hacked website.

  • How to protect the website from being hacked

In case of protecting the websites from hackers and other dangerous viruses, the user has to keep some points in mind. Websites can get hacked if there are low-security policies. First of all, the user should stay up to date about the website’s security. One should have the information about what can cause the website to get infected or hacked. There should be a WAF installed on the user’s device. A web application firewall scans and goes through every single data, the user is sending or collecting through the site’s server. Uploading a lot of files could cause bugs or other threats to the website.

  • Why ABC company should be considered for hacked repair service

There are different conditions, which the user should keep in mind while choosing the right company for hacked repair service. Such as timings. Timing is an essential factor in such a situation. If the company members assure you to solve or fix the hacked website within 24 hours, then one should consider working with them. Most of the companies need information as much as the customer can provide them. That information would help them fix the website as soon as possible. The trustworthy companies guarantee to pay back all the funds if in case they are not able to fix the website.


The website’s security is the main factor in protecting it from being hacked. The user of the website should stay up to date about the security policies. In case, if any website gets infected, the user should take an instant step for the protection. And even after the site is fixed, an individual should maintain it and make it more secure.

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