Argumentative Essay

What is Argumentative Essay?

Argument is made when people are not agreed with a certain clause or statement. People are agreed to a certain statement when they want do no argue with others. Therefore, an essay with certain arguments over a particular topic or a particular statement is called as an argumentative essay. Therefore, an instance could be when a “me too” campaign has started, where most of the women has accused with director Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. Then afterwards, some of the men also argued with the fact that not only women but men are also target of the big Hollywood actors and producers, and Kevin spacey was also accused and after he accepted the case of his sexual harassment over a male actor, then he was taken out of his acting career and for the most of the shows that he was working on. For instance: Kevin spacey was working on house of cards at that time, and he was taken out of that show.

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