Narrative Essay

What is a persuasive essay?

Persuasive means something that can be done through proper reasoning and argument, therefore a persuasive essay could be including proper persuasion of a topic with good reasons and counter arguments. There can be hundreds and thousands of topics that can be discussed in this context; for instance a common example of Persuasive essay about smoking could be discussed. In which reasoning could be provided against the smoking which can be supported through various sources. So it will be mostly countering the topic, and the topic will mostly be one dimensional when it comes to writing the persuasive essay.

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  1. Don’t become a part of some stereotype when you want to become a sporting athlete
  2. If drinks like red bull are not full of energy but they are full of sugars only and cause diabetes
  3. If not male but female trainers should be training the female fighters
  4. If modern music is getting less musical and more electronic
  5. If hunting the animals should not be sport
  6. If you have a time capsule, what should you do with it
  7. Aren’t we more aliens rather than human beings
  8. Climate change is just a hoax, and the world is worried for it without any reason
  9. Why modern students don’t want to study at all
  10. If travelling tells you more than studying in college

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