Guarantee of Quality, Authenticity and Exclusivity

Above three aspects, quality, authenticity and exclusivity explains it all, that how provide guarantee that our work will be authentic means not plagiarized, and no copy paste work. Quality of the work will be superior, since we have top-quality writers who are experienced in their specific domains. Regarding exclusivity, it means that your topic requested is exclusively written for you, any other person who orders the same topic will be provided a completely different work. Therefore, the two might have the same ideas but the work inside will be completely changed.

For instance, if two students ordered a same topic on global warming or climate change, then there assignments will be catered by different people, which means the content created will be completely different from each other. That is the reason why we provide you guarantee that your can never be the same, even if the two students are friends and they are also from the same class, their work will be completely different from each other. Teachers love to cut your marks, they always look for similarities between the ideas of people, if they find any, they penalized the students and give them poor grades. Therefore, we work on the basis of these aspects, since we understand the psychy of teachers and professors who are going to grade your assignments.

Remember before you place an order, keep in mind the below stated things;

  1. Don’t provide ambiguous details in your assignments

  2. You cannot ask us to change the assignment, if you made changes in your assignment yourself

  3. You cannot completely change the topic or ask for bigger changes for instance; you asked for an essay on climate change, and then you reverted that you asked for business management, therefore a sudden change of topic for the same order is not possible, for that you have to place an additional order

Warranty is met when;

  1. When you are able to find any mistakes in our completed work

  2. If changes are made within the initial details of the order

Guarantee is not met when;

  1. Changes are made by you in the work

  2. When wrong data or incomplete details are being provided by you

For instance; as we indicated above that to change the title, or a request to change the subject is not possible. These requests are only possible when you place an additional order, you can change the topic once you have already provided the initial details.

Our Guarantee is always our Biggest Policy wants to make friends with your friend, so spread the word of mouth for us.

  1. Our customer support will always contact you after you place an order to confirm your details and if you have any additional requests

  2. Right after your payment is being verified, we will confirm your order

  3. Before allowing our writers to work on your essays, we take sufficient amount of tests , if they pass those tests, then they are being appointed by the company right away

  4. There is never a compromise upon the quality of work. No plagiarism is allowed.

  5. Grammar reports and plagiarism are generated for our reference, to make sure you are fully satisfied with our work

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